Our goal

There are so many useful IT tools and techniques out there.
Without seeing your teammate using new tools or techniques in real, you may consider learning those are time consuming and expensive.
Then, you are stick with the routine.

NumNinja.com our goal is to share small tips that we learned, and assist those who want to make your job productive.

We are not intended to cover advanced programming like Java nor Machine learning techniques.
Our focus goes to whom like, I am business/finance analyst. Our team heavily uses 100 Excel files for month end close.
But, we have no resource to use database to make our process more efficient and/or automated.

We assume many of you use Excel. Some may use SQL as well, but may just retouch the old query that teammate wrote.
Or even, some have no idea what is database yet. You may think it costs $$$ to use cloud or data center.
Yes for the high-end use, but not necessary for most of the cases. Especially, to start with small size data.

To learn the basic database and SQL concept, all you need is FREE 5MB small database file. (see how)
In order to analyze data, Excel is super powerful for sure. It got thousands of powerful functions and easy to operate
However, there are some areas that Python is good at.
Again, Python is FREE you can set up in 5 minutes.(see intro)

If you are looking for a way to raise productivity and/or explore new techniques, check out 101 tips and jump out from your routine! Once you step up, an opportunity will widely open its door for you!

Hope any of our tips we introduce may help you!
Ban and Koa Hope any of our tips we introduce may help you!
Ban and Koa